Team Fortress 2 vs Overwatch



This one I’ve been getting a lot in lately, it doesn’t seem like things are about to change so, let me answer the most common question that I’ve been getting recently once and for all: “Which games better? Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch?”

Truth is, there is no simple answer. And that is exactly why many people are confusing this game for one in the same. They are not! Okay? Guys, listen while these two games are similar in gameplay, graphics and even game mods these are entirely different games. Just because players are divided into two teams and are working to get her to achieve a common goal, that does not make it a Team Fortress or Overwatch clone. Well, unless it’s absolutely a Team Fortress clone, like this one, or a shameless Overwatch rip-off, like this one right here. Anyway, let’s focus to the question at hand and let me try and answer it as best as I possibly can.

First off, believe it or not these games are very much different. If you’ve played both of these games you know that TF2 is much closer to a traditional arena shooter with the addition of teams. This game allows you to play more like a lone wolf if you are skilled enough. Experienced spies know exactly what I mean. Snipers are also fairly efficient as loners if you know a map well (and by now, who doesn’t). Soldier can also wreck havoc on enemy units provided that he’s experienced enough. Not only that, pretty much every character in this game, given the right player (such as myself, hehe) can easily become a one man army against the opposing team because of the matchmaking system. At least that is how I feel after 1700+ hours of Team Fortress 2. It’s mostly about the skill.

Now, I’m not the most experienced Overwatch player but I have played it for a long 124 hours up to this day and from what I have learned about the game it’s that it is not a clone of TF2. The games are similar yes, and chances are that if you are old TF2 veteran that you will like Overwatch because of their similarities. But then again same chances are that you will realize very soon, that these games besides their similar cartoony art style and fast-paced gameplay don’t really have much in common. Yes, some of the game modes are exactly the same, but how you play them is entirely different. Overwatch puts much stronger emphasis on team play. Players are supposed to complement one another with their abilities and work together to defeat the opposing team. Now that describes pretty much every team-based game there is, but what’s different about this one compared to TF is that every character has a counter character. Players are focusing much more on their team and how to improve it rather than choosing and sticking with one role per game. The fact that all kills only count towards team score, not a personal one speaks for itself about this games teamwork emphasis.

Now, as usual this is my personal opinion. I was never very good with reviews and since English is not my native language this might make no sense to some people but, there you have it, a comparison from my perspective regarding key differences between the two similar looking games. Of course, the best thing you can do is to try to games yourself and come up with your own verdict.

Here’s video that does a good job explaining how similar/different these two actually are:


Yes, I’m Playing Pokemon Go!



So what? I’m playing it and I’m enjoying it. You guys are making such a big deal out of it. That this website is turning into reply board. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to enjoy a casual game every now and then? Just because I play CS on a above the average level doesn’t mean that I am not able to enjoy, or that I do not want to enjoy something less stressful, competitive and complex from time to time. I am playing Pokemon go and I’m having a hell of a good time doing so.

It’s not like I’m playing excessively compared to other games. I still have all of my daily routines which I’m able to follow perfectly fine despite the fact that I am running around chasing digital critters. And let me tell you, it’s surprisingly fun to do so. No, seriously this game is not as bad as everybody thinks it is. For starters you will go out a lot more and spend some time breathing fresh air. That’s not something you do if you were to play Counter Strike for the entire day. Zack and Rump3l are just poking me  because all they ever play is Counter Strike and barely anything else ever. As someone who game for the majority of his life, I value other games to and I’m looking forward to playing many, many games during my lifetime. Not to mention that I’m still completely able to kick “certain peoples” assess in Global Offensive.

Besides, I can already tell that I won’t be sinking too much time into Pokemon due to the fact that I’ve been using a generator which helped me hack poke coins that I need for my traders to evolve and get strong. Yeah, I cheated and I don’t feel bad about it. I’m just not in the mood to be running around that much even though it’s a fun game and a very unique experience. But enough about that…

As my bros have stated previously, we are back in the game! I personally can’t wait to play some competitive matches! You may expect those games to be played very soon, as I am itching to satisfy my urge for some competitive shooting due to all of this “casual gaming” as some are calling it that I’ve been up to lately. Until then, some of the eSports events should keep you busy, especially the upcoming ELEAGUE season 2 starting November 21st and lasting all the way to December 3rd. 16 teams are to compete on that one including Cloud9, Virtus Pro, Fnatic, NaVi and other well-known names of the eSports scene. You know I’m not to this as much as Zack is but this is the event that I’m definitely not going to miss considering that $1.400.000 prize pool I believe that something spectacular is definitely happening on this one.

Anyway guys, that’s all for me now. We are still working on this new website, and we might not post as frequently as we use to please, be patient and stay with us for a while longer until we figure this whole new thing out. Shin-0 out.

It’s good to finally be back!

Yo, yo! This is your man Rump3l! Long time no see, huh? How have you guys been? Well let me tell you, it sure feels good to be back! I kind of missed all of this you know, writing stuff here, sharing with the “community” that we’ve established over this time. I wonder how many of you are still with us? I saw Zack made a quickie post to announce that we are officially back in the game so I thought I should stop by to say hello myself, especially since he mentioned me. That makes two out of three of us so far that I can’t shake the feeling that “the third one” won’t make his appearance just yet.

You know, I was kind of trying not to mention or hint anything to you guys just yet but, obviously I just can keep my mouth shut. I don’t think he bragged about it but our boy Shin-0 got himself hooked up on some serious shit. I know his condition was never quite good to begin with and was always kind of critical, but I believe he just crossed the line with this one. Shin-0, if you’re reading this you know you can’t deny it. You know I’m right. You know you’ve got hooked up on Pokemon go!!!

Ladies and gentlemen that’s right, this once proud eSports gamer has been reduced to a mere casual! How dare he?! Is this what we are to be reduced to? A bunch of Pokemon players? What have we become? Is there no end to Shin-0’s madness?! Ever have our friend back from the clutches of this evil that strengthening the gaming community?

All jokes aside, he has been spending an awful lot of time playing the ridiculous game. As expected, I’ve been spending an equally ridiculous amount of time teasing him about the fact that he plays, Poke go. I personally find it ridiculous. Not to imply that I have anything against people who play it, just that I’m surprised and shocked by his decision to give it a try when I know what he used to say about mobile games in general. I will, I guess life has a sick sense of humor.

Enough about a guy. I’ve been cool, doing my usual stuff. Same old routine for me I guess, and nothing ever changes around here. Just thought I would follow up Zacks post with my own and use the opportunity to make some additional phone of our third brother in arms. I guess we won’t be hearing from him anytime soon, so those of you waiting for his usual articles about new competitive games released for PC might actually get some new Mobile reviews from now on, lol.

As for my part, expect some Team Fortress 2 thoughts since I’ve been playing it at an increasing amount lately. I will still honor Zack and our team’s name would regular Counter-Strike matches just one yap about it that much, I’ll leave that in Z’s.

Let me (us) know what you think about our new website and logo, and keep the conversation going down in the comments. Talk to you later gang 😉




We’re Back!



Hey there! We’re proud to announce that after some time of absence we are finally back, as you may have noticed. As you probably remember, we had some problems with the blog you were running for this website and sadly, it just wouldn’t work anymore for us. We had to move from that and find a new way that we would use to stay in touch with the rest of the world. Now to think about it, perhaps it was just a blessing in disguise. This website allows us to accomplish so much more that it would simply be impossible with the previous one and I’m kind of glad moved on. For better or for worse, we will see, too early to tell yet I can’t shake off this positive feeling that I’m having.

It took some time to get a set up and properly initiate this whole thing but now as we were approaching the end of preparations I thought about sharing a couple of thoughts and updates with everyone who is still with us. First off let me personally thank you in the name of our entire team (that makes it sound bigger than it actually is), we would probably never make it and would’ve lost interest in doing this a long time ago if it weren’t for you guys. Your support and feedback teens a lot to us, as I’m sure it does to everybody owning a website similar to ours. We hope to get in more, much more from you in the future.

Not much to say about anything really, just to let you know that officially, were back in business. You may expect to see some changes in design if you already haven’t. We use this opportunity to change and improve on things that we thought needed changes and improvements. Hope you like our new logo, Shin-0 is especially proud that one.

You may expect same old kind of content you are used to see on our website from all three of us. As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this Rumpel is actually trying to put together and write down a couple of thoughts of his own. You might be slightly disturbed with the content of his upcoming post but then again I guess there were those of you who saw it coming a mile away. Let’s just wait and see.

Shin-0 is also here, somewhere… He has a new “hobby” of sorts that makes him move around quite often. Actually this is the very thing that I was referring to before when I was talking about Rumpels upcoming post. For some reason I believe he won’t be as active as he used to be, at least not for a couple of months at least, until he’s a bit burned out.

Sorry to hit and run on you like this, but this was never intended to be a regular Team 4dfx post. Just wanted to say hi and to inform you that we are officially back in the game. Stay tuned guys and expect to hear from us soon. Until then, remember to have fun and best of luck to you!

– Zack